BOX-123-BELUGA: Best Selling Boxspringbed for Optimum Comfort and Style

SKU: BOX-123-BELUGA-90x200-3D-WhitePU
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Farbe: Weiss PU


Grösse: 90 x 200cm inkl. 3D-Air Topper


Rediscover Comfort with BOX-123-BELUGA

This best seller Boxspringbed, BOX-123-BELUGA, is here to redefine comfort within the confines of your home. Designed with a perfect combination of style and utility, sourcing comfort becomes an effortless task.

Shaped Frame for Maximum Support

Beautifully structured, this designer bed comes with a shaped frame that guarantees to provide optimum support. Whether it's binge-watching sessions or just sulking into pure bliss, BOX-123-BELUGA will adapt to your needs.

Comfortable Boxspring Fittings

The BOX-123-BELUGA features comfortable Boxspring fittings, offering you a choice between a Bonell Mattress or Premium PocketSpring Mattress. Each component is curated to deliver utmost comfort and create a sleep haven for you.

Addition Topper for Enhanced Relaxation

With the addition of a 3D Air or a Visco Topper, the BOX-123-BELUGA enhances your relaxation journey. This addition ensures an extra layer of cosiness and aids you in achieving a sound and peaceful sleep.

Stylish and Flexible

This new styled Boxspringbed / Hotelbed is available in two color combinations, offering it in either PU or NEO Premium Fabric. It also renders you up to 120 color combinations that reflect your style.

Variety of Sizes

The BOX-123-BELUGA offers various sizes, including 90x200cm, 140x200cm, 140x190cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm, and 200x200cm. No matter your space availability, this elegantly designed bed adapts to fill your room with elegance and comfort.

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