Łóżko designerskie B-907-ACCENTOX z tkaniny NEO i PU

SKU: B-907-ACCENTOX_Fabric-CobaltNEO19-PU-White0002_140x200
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Kolor: Tkanina-KobaltNEO19-PU-Biały0002


Rozmiar: 140x200


About the B-907-ACCENTOX Modern Bed

This modern designer bed is one of the exquisite pieces from our B-900 Collection. Crafted with an avant-garde aesthetic and an out-of-the-box design, the B-907-ACCENTOX is sure to endow any bedroom with an upgraded appeal.

Material and Comfort

Built from PU or NEO fabric, this modern bed is not only chic but also comfortable. High-grade materials and superior craftsmanship come together to promise durability, ensuring the bed retains its beauty and function for many years. Enjoy the soft comfort of the bed in any one of the 100 color options available.

Style and Function

The B-907-ACCENTOX modern designer bed celebrates form and function in equal measure. Tailored to your contemporary style preferences and practical necessities, the bed offers ample storage space without compromising on design. Combine it with accents and furniture from the B-900 collection for a seamless style statement.

Tailored to Your Taste

We understand that every individual has unique style preferences. Hence, the B-907-ACCENTOX is available in an exciting range of 100 different colors. Whether you have a flair for bold hues or prefer soothing, muted tones, we have a modern bed that flawlessly complements your style.

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