Designerskie łóżko B-905-PRAYA z tkaniny NEO i PU

SKU: B-905-PRAYA_Fabric-CobaltNEO19-PU-White0002_140x200
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Kolor: Tkanina-KobaltNEO19-PU-Biały0002


Rozmiar: 140x200


The B-905-PRAYA: Your Dream Modern Bed

Experience a new paragon of comfort and style with our B-905-PRAYA Modern bed. Immerse yourself in the lush comfort of our NEO fabric or pristine aesthetic of our PU material, available in an impressive spectrum of over 100 color choices.

Design and Comfort Melded Perfectly

The B-905-PRAYA takes modernity a notch higher. It's a part of our B-900 collection, embodying a harmonious blend of contemporary design and comfort. Sink into its plush composition after a long day and rise feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Modern Designer Bed for Modern Homes

Our B-905-PRAYA father originates from the B-900 designer bed collection, making your room the epitome of contemporary aesthetics. This modern designer bed doesn't merely occupy space; it makes a statement and transforms the entire ambiance.

Bedroom Décor that Radiates Elegance

The B-905-PRAYA modern bed is more than a piece of furniture—it's a declaration of style. With the wide array of color options, you can match your bed with your desired theme, creating a harmonious blend that radiates elegance and sophistication.

Upgrade Your Space with the B-905-PRAYA Bed

Whether you want that urban chic decor or a minimalist design with a touch of luxury, the B-905-PRAYA bed will get you there. Don't just go for an ordinary bed; go for the B-905-PRAYA modern designer bed and redefine comfort and style in your personal space.

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