Designerskie łóżko B-902-LANCEL z materiału NEO Stoff i PU

SKU: B-902-LANCEL_Fabric-CobaltNEO19-PU-White0002_140x200
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Kolor: Tkanina-KobaltNEO19-PU-Biały0002


Rozmiar: 140x200


Discover a modern and sleek Designer Bed: B-902-LANCEL

B-902-LANCEL is not just a plain piece of furniture. It's a style statement. Embrace this unique, contemporary modern bed in your room to elevate your living space to a higher level of elegance.

Material that Emphasizes Luxury: PU or NEO Fabric

Our B-902-LANCEL model is exclusively available both in PU and NEO fabric. These materials have been meticulously chosen to give this bed an exceptional luxurious feel. Plus, you've got a broad spectrum of 100 fabulous colors to match any interior design.

Modern Collection for Modern Individuals: Collection B-900

B-902-LANCEL is part of our modern B-900 Collection, a range of designer beds made for the individual who appreciates both comfort and aesthetics. Stand out from the crowd with this exceptional addition to your bedroom.

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