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What Sets Bottega Veneta's New Store Concept in Milan Apart?

What Sets Bottega Veneta's New Store Concept in Milan Apart?

Bottega Veneta Unveils A New Store Concept in Milan

Bottega Veneta recently spotlighted their fresh store concept, specially designed by their Creative Director, Daniel Lee, in Milan, Italy's fashion capital. The new store reflects the brand's determination to reposition its image and captivate younger clientele. The innovative space exhibits leather craftsmanship in perfect harmony with the essence of the brand.

Elegant Interior and Features

The new store, dubbed ‘The Bottega’, is installed within a flexible environment that creates a versatile space. Key features include: - Bronze and oak wood installations liberally sprinkled across the space. - Store front consists of Venetian plaster and basaltina, a volcanic rock reminiscent of the label's roots in the Veneto region of Italy. - Each piece of furniture reflects the magnificence of Italian craftsmanship. - Client lounge featuring iconic Italian design pieces and specially commissioned works of art. - Plasma, a unique material, adorns the walls and floor, showcasing stability and the cooling effect of terracotta and lava stone.

Exclusive Items

'The Bottega' will offer exclusive items only purchasable at this location. The assortment will change periodically with a focus on seasonal collections and unique pieces. Hastags: #BottegaVeneta #DanielLee #LeatherCraftsmanship #TheBottega #ItalianCraftsmanship #VenetianPlaster #Basaltina #Plasma #MilanShop #ExclusiveItems #FashionCapital #VolcanicRock #ClientLounge #NewStoreConcept #InteriorDesign

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