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What Makes Illan - The Pendant Luminaire, A Red Dot Award-Winning Design?

What Makes Illan - The Pendant Luminaire, A Red Dot Award-Winning Design?

Illan - The Pendant Luminaire

Brought to life by the creativity of Zsuzsanna Horvath, the Pendant Luminaire, fondly known as Illan, has been recognized at the Red Dot Award for exquisite Product Design in 2021.

The Vibrant Luminaire Design

At the core of Illan's design is a lampshade crafted with precision from a special thin plywood. The characteristic feature of the wood, reacting to airflows, brings out an enchanting wave-like movement. This delicate undulation is what brings Illan to life, offering a soothing visual experience for anyone who witnesses it.

Genius at Play

The mind behind Illan, Zsuzsanna Horvath, experimented with laser cutting on diverse materials including wood and paper. The concept employs thinly cut lines which weave together the magic of the lamp. Consequently, these thin lines become the source of unique qualities seen in Illan: the remarkable translucency, stellar flexibility, and the gentle movement of the lamp.

Illan’s Origin

The innovative lighting solution of Illan was brought to life by the renowned Italian manufacturer, Luceplan Lighting, under the expert design implementation of Zsuzsanna Horvath from Denmark.

  • Illan is a product of experimentation with laser cutting on different materials
  • Its design incorporates a light and thin plywood lampshade reacting to air inflow
  • Thin lines contribute towards the lamp's unique attributes of translucency, flexibility and movement
  • Illan was produced by Luceplan Lighting, Italy
  • The concept and design is credited to Danish designer Zsuzsanna Horvath
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