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What Are the Top Wallpaper Trends for 2021?

What Are the Top Wallpaper Trends for 2021?

Frescoes, Wildlife, and Florals: The Latest Wallpaper Trends of 2021

From soft and serene hues imitating frescoes to vibrant nature-inspired prints, this year has come with a plethora of wallpaper trends.

1. Antiquarian Time Machine

One of the prevailing trends is the penchant for going retro. Interiors are leaning towards antiquarian-themed wallpapers with motifs resembling old books, maps, and letters, transporting the living space to a bygone era.

2. Murals and Frescoes

The real artistry of wall coverings is featured in the evolving trend of murals and frescoes. These beautiful, large-scale designs are like having a custom piece of art on your wall.

3. Mother Nature

Nature has found its way onto walls of trendy establishments and hipsters' homes, celebrating plants and wildlife. This trend sings the tale of our connection with green spaces and the great outdoors.

4. Bold, Saturated Colors

Bold or pastel, the color spectrum this year is leaning towards the high saturation end. The more the vibrancy, the better.

5. Subtle Sparkle

The last on our list of notable trends is the return of the shimmer! Add a touch of sparkle to your walls, but subtlety is the key. - Frescoes - Wildlife - Use of pastel colors - High saturation wall coverings - Antiquarian-themed motifs #WallpaperTrends #2021Trends #Antiquarian #Frescoes #MotherNature #BoldColors #HighSaturation #SubtleSparkle #WildlifeWallpaper #PastelColors #Retro #CustomArt #GreenSpaces #NatureInspired #InteriorDesign.

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