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Turning a Tight Space into a Design Marvel: How Was a Small Apartment in Paris Revamped?

Turning a Tight Space into a Design Marvel: How Was a Small Apartment in Paris Revamped?

Revamping Small-Space Apartment in Paris: A Marvel of Design

An Innovative Parisian Apartment Transformation

The heart of Paris holds a remarkable piece of interior design ingenuity. A small, cramped space transformed into a charming, compact living haven, exuding a chic vibe that is quintessentially Parisian. Interior designer Marianne Evennou, known for her knack with small spaces, reimagined this apartment.

Uncovering Hidden Gems

Despite the odds, the renovation is nothing short of remarkable. The designer achieved this feat by: • Employing recessing storage implements. • Unveiling a hitherto concealed corridor. • Discovering an additional 7 sq. metres behind a wall.

Ingenious Design Elements

One of the prominent features is the creative use of space. Additional elements include: • An open kitchen with bright yellow tubes to hide wirings. • A living area doubling as a dining room. • A portable table on castors, easy to move around.

Highlighting Historical Elements

Much attention was also given to the history of the building. Vintage style, coupled with modern cosmetic touches, givesan eclectic finish: • Preserved original cement tiles. • 17th-century beam left in its authentic, rustic state. • Exposed brick wall adding character and warmth.

Reflection of the Parisian Aesthetic

The apartment's design is a true reflection of the Parisian aesthetic, blending history, vibrancy, and functionality into a small space. Vintage furniture, mixed with pops of colour, results in captivating eye-candy, proving that space isn't a constraint with creativity. #ParisianAesthetic #MarianneEvennou #InteriorDesign #Paris #SmallSpaces #CreativeStorage #HiddenCorridor #OpenKitchen #LivingArea #PortableTable #HistoricalElements #CementTiles #17thCenturyBeam #ExposedBrickWall #VintageFurniture #DesignInnovation

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