Salone del Mobile 2023: What Are the 11 Design Trends Our Editors Discovered in Milan?

Salone del Mobile 2023: What Are the 11 Design Trends Our Editors Discovered in Milan?

Salone del Mobile 2023: What Are the 11 Design Trends Our Editors Discovered in Milan?

Milan’s Salone del Mobile is the place where design enthusiasts can find the latest and most trending designs. This year, our editors attended the show and discovered 11 design trends that will shape the design year of 2023. From bricks to the 90s, lacquer, and more, these trends will inspire your future design choices.

Trend 1: Italian Minimalism of the 90s is Back
Italian design brand Flexform showcased its retrospective of classic designs along with campaign photographs. Products like the 1999-designed “A.B.C.” chair by Maria Vittoria Backhaus came into the limelight. Glazed, reduced forms inspired by the high-tech minimalism of the 80s and 90s were everywhere.

Trend 2: Brick Becomes Avant-Garde
Brick presents a new aesthetic within natural elements. Designer Patricia Urquiola's Jali terracotta bricks for Mutina provide a modern, 3D effect in the form of walls, seats, or a spectacular lantern – something quite unexpected from a material so ancient.

Trend 3: Knots, Knots, and More Knots!
Organic shapes saw greater simplicity and elegance through the use of knotting, weaving, and braiding techniques. Exteta and Jacquemus took inspiration from Gae Aulenti’s “Locus Solus” collection, weaving a series of curvaceous silhouettes into a variety of seating forms, whereas Shibari chairs, designed by Studiopepe for Visionnaire, feature an intricate knot-like structure.

Trend 4: Distorted Forms
An artistic distortion in design this year resulted in furniture being flipped and inverted to create surprising results. Pieces became new shapes, giving them a kind of artistry distinct from their original form.

Trend 5: Metallic Surfaces
Metal surfaces offered a sculptural twist with new finishes like Ex.t's moon-rock-inspired collection featuring hammered effect brass covers, and futuristic gears and clocks for home decor.

Trend 6: Weightless Seating
Curvaceous seats have never been more minimal, lightweight, or transparent. The construction involves the use of materials like aluminum, silicone, and crystalline thermoplastic polyurethane for a futuristic feel.

Trend 7: Classical Pattern Play
Textures and patterns from the past were given a modern twist, whether it be from textiles featuring traditional craftsmanship or an exquisite marquetry technique.

Trend 8: Unexpected Applications of Color
Designers utilized hues and shades in unexpected ways to add a visual kick to furniture. Whether it be the use of bold colors, gradients, or tonal pairings, furniture is no longer the neutral player in a room, but a standout feature.

Trend 9: Lacquer Refinement
Lacquer went through a makeover this year, coming out with a new refinement in texture and appearance using unique new pigments and luminosity. It is given a stylish look while providing ultimate durability and scratch-resistance.

Trend 10: Redesigned Lighting
While the basic functionality of lighting hasn’t changed, designers are experimenting with creative versions from reflected light sources, light tubes, and spatial reconfigurations to create a new range of lighting alternatives.

Trend 11: The Outdoor Living Room
For designers who prefer the outdoors, the concept of an outdoor living room is a new and fascinating trend. Using comfortable and beautiful elements such as outdoor rugs, sculptures, and lanterns, designers give new meaning to organic environments.

In Conclusion
The Salone del Mobile of 2023 has given life to a new range of design trends that redefine classic furniture into unique, modern, and practical furniture. With creative options for every preference, the world of design has never looked so vibrant and inspiring.


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