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Reinventing Street Furniture: Can a Bench Showcase Art, Comfort, and Innovation?

Reinventing Street Furniture: Can a Bench Showcase Art, Comfort, and Innovation?

Reimagining Street Furniture: The Kore Modular Bench

With designs mimicking the gentleness of floating ribbons, the Kore modular bench is becoming a visual icon in public spaces. Its aesthetic features present a unique blend of curvature and flow, which is both reflective of artistic vision and user comfort. The innovative design invites inhabitants of the city, offering a seat or reclining space amidst urban squares.

Sculptural Aesthetics with Purity and Lightness

The Kore modular bench is not just about a captivating design, but also the material it embodies. The lightness, purity, and unmistakably sculptured appearance redefine how street furniture is perceived. It creates a modern effect, shaping a contemporary appeal for public spaces.

Italian Excellence in Product Design

Michele Slaviero, an Italian designer, has teamed up with the manufacturing firm Metalco for the creation of the Kore modular bench. Their collaborative work has just recently been recognized by the Red Dot Award - a laudable accomplishment in Product Design for 2022.

  • Innovative design reflects floating ribbons.
  • Light and pure materials add a modern touch.
  • Sculptural aesthetic redefines street furniture appearance.
  • Designed by Michele Slaviero, manufactured by Metalco.
  • Winner of Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022.

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