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Is Your Space Designed for Wellness? Discover a New Trend in Interior Design

Is Your Space Designed for Wellness? Discover a New Trend in Interior Design

A New Dimension to Interior Design: Designing for Wellness

The Shift in Interior Design Focus

One emerging trend in interior design today is focusing on wellness. This design philosophy doesn't just concentrate on aesthetics but also considers how spaces affect our emotions, mental state, and overall wellbeing. Designers are now following this wellness approach to ensure that living or working spaces contribute positively to inhabitants' health.

Melding Functionality and Wellbeing

The shift in perspective is all about creating harmony and balance between physical aspects like furniture and non-physical elements such as the atmosphere. The goal is to develop spaces that not only function well but also promote tranquillity and inspire positivity.

BenQ Attempt to Wellness

Recognizing the importance of this wellness trend, BenQ, a renowned technology and solutions provider, introduced their innovative home wellness appliances. The GV30 Portable Projector provides premium 2.1-channel audio and an adjustable projection display for a personalised home theatre experience.

Injecting Wellness into your Space

To help adopt this wellness design trend in residential or commercial spaces, here are some key aspects to consider:

- Balance: It is crucial to create spaces that perfectly balance furniture, colours, and materials. - Harmony: Spaces should seamlessly integrate elements to evoke pleasant feelings. - Comfort: Furniture, lighting, and layout should offer physical comfort and also promote mental peace. - Spatial Awareness: A wellness-focused design should optimise space to suit the occupants' needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the shift towards wellness in interior design has brought a fresh perspective on how we perceive and create our living and working spaces. Engaging with this trend can help us build spaces that not only meet our functional needs but also improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. #WellnessDesign #InteriorDesign #BenQ #HomeAppliances #Comfort #Harmony #Balance #SpatialAwareness #HomeTheaterExperience #Wellness #MentalHealth #LivingSpaces #DesignTrends #DesignPhilosophy. Source:

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