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Is This The Most Colourful Home Renovation in Los Angeles?

Is This The Most Colourful Home Renovation in Los Angeles?

Remarkable Rainbow-Toned Renovation in Los Angeles

Cool, Creative and Colourful

The vibrant neighbourhood of Los Angeles now houses a stunningly revamped, rainbow-coloured residence. Designers and homeowners Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger have breathed new life into an aging 1974 house left untouched for 30 years.

Intermingling Interiors and Art

The home is a mind-meld of interior design and modern art, characterized by: - An open floor plan with free-form living areas - An impressive fusion of contrasting materials - The core of the house being a cleverly crafted kitchen - Bespoke furniture all around - Artefacts and original artworks adorning the walls.

Harmonious Palette

The choice of colours across the house harmoniously combines different shades of the rainbow. The staggering showcase of blues, pinks, oranges, and greens is a sight to behold.

A Contemporary Haven

What was initially a time-worn building detached from its surrounding greenery, now stands revitalized as a beacon of contemporary design – A haven for creativity, culture, and modernity. - #Design - #Renovation - #LosAngeles - #RainbowPalette - #HomeRevamp - #BespokeFurniture - #InteriorDesign - #ModernArt - #KutucuAndSchickinger - #OpenFloorPlan - #ContrastingMaterials - #ArtisticHome - #HarmoniousColours - #ContemporaryDesign - #CulturalHaven

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