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Is There Plastic in Your Food? A Look at the Surprising Presence of Microplastics in Our Diet

Is There Plastic in Your Food? A Look at the Surprising Presence of Microplastics in Our Diet

Integrated Campaign Highlights Presence of Plastic in Our Food

Plastic pollution has become an alarming environmental issue that extends beyond marine environments. It not only contaminates our oceans but also our soil, and shockingly, it's found its way into our food supply as well. Annually, up to eight million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the sea, disrupting natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

Addressing an Invisible Issue

Ling Tung University in Taiwan has designed a compelling visual representation that seeks to enlighten us about the worrying presence of microplastics in our food. This design illustrates an exploration of 20 different food items, revealing the hidden existence of microplastics within them.

The aesthetic employs a square outer shell, deviating from the food's natural irregular shape, and merges it with the representation of the food item itself. This stark contrast between natural and synthetic elements hopes to bring attention to this invisible but prevailing issue.

Recognition by Red Dot Award

For its innovative approach in communicating this pressing environmental concern, the design by Ling Tung University has been recognized with the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023. The Red Dot Awards celebrates the best products, brands, and concepts in design and is a significant milestone for any design team.

  • Daily habits expose us to plastic waste.
  • Microplastics are infiltrating our food supply.
  • Ling Tung University's design highlights this issue effectively.
  • The design employs a square outer shell depicting the synthetic nature of plastic.
  • Red Dot Award recognizes innovative approach in communication design.

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