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Is the Vivia Turntable the Future of CD Listening?

Is the Vivia Turntable the Future of CD Listening?

Vivia Turntable for Compact Discs Reimagines Music and Media

Nothing compares to the joy of running a vinyl record and feeling the music through your fingertips. A new design concept aims to merge that tactile experience with the convenience of CDs. Enter the Vivia Turntable - a game changer in the world of music and media.

A Retro-Minimal Aesthetic

Designed by South Korean designer Chu Jaehyung, the Vivia Turntable embodies a retro yet minimal aesthetic. This design choice doesn't just look good, it aims to create a deeper connection between the music listener's inner world and their personal album collection.

The New Way to Experience Music

This innovative gadget bridges the gap between the nostalgia of the vinyl era and the digitized format of music today. It introduces analog features to the CD format, bringing the listener closer to the music than ever before.

Winning Recognition

As a testament to its innovative design, the Vivia Turntable was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for Design Concept in 2023. Let’s break down the key features of the Vivia Turntable:
  • Bridges the gap between vinyl records and CD playing
  • Brings tactile experience to the digitized format
  • Showcases retro-minimal aesthetic design
  • Intensifies musical connection for listener
  • Winner of Red Dot Award for Design Concept 2023
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