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Is the Virén Chair the Future of Sustainable Design?

Is the Virén Chair the Future of Sustainable Design?

The Virén Chair: A New Take on Sustainable Design

The Virén Chair, crafted entirely of Fortum Circo® recycled plastics, brilliantly exemplifies how design can converge with functionality and sustainability. In a process involving over 18 months of meticulous collaboration with engineers, researchers and physicists, this piece of furniture embodies resilience and the spirit of innovation.

Stand-alone Design

What truly sets the Virén Chair apart from others is its remarkable ability to stand unassisted, eliminating the need for robotics. The precise CAD simulations played a critical role in this achievement by helping design the weight geometry and raising arm shape. Through continuous iteration, they steered the chair to rise again if it falls. The design cleverly locates the center of gravity, making this feat possible.

Inspiration Rooted in Resilience

The inspiration behind the Virén Chair comes from Lasse Virén, a Finnish runner known for his memorable performance at the 1972 Olympics. Despite suffering a fall during the 10,000m final, he rose again, secured gold, and set a new world record. The Virén Chair mirrors this show of resilience. It stands up not just literally, but also for the cause of recycled plastics, demonstrating the adaptability, quality, and longevity of Fortum Circo®.

Recognition at Red Dot Design

The vision and innovation behind the Virén Chair have been recognized with a Red Dot Award for the Design Concept in 2023, further stamping its mark as a stellar example of sustainable design.

  • Designed to stand without the use of robotics
  • Made from Fortum Circo® recycled plastics
  • Inspired by Lasse Virén, the Finnish Olympic runner
  • Won the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2023
  • A testament to sustainable, resilient design

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For more updates on cutting-edge design, follow the creators of the Virén chair, @tbwahelsinki.

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