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Is the Guise - Luminare Collection the Next Big Trend in Interior Lighting Design?

Is the Guise - Luminare Collection the Next Big Trend in Interior Lighting Design?

The Guise – Luminare Collection Takes Center Stage

In recent design buzz, the Guise – Luminare Collection, a stunning array of tubular pendant luminaires, has been serving up some serious style. Embodying the delicate blend of art and science, the lights traverse the glass encasing, revealing exquisitely engraved patterns on the cylinder. Mirroring the aesthetic subtlety, a line of LEDs discreetly tucked into a slit acts as the hidden light source for each model. Expertly crafted by renowned manufacturer and in-house design team, @vibialight from Spain, alongside the brilliant design mind of @stefandiez from Germany, the collection stands testament to the exquisite potential of light as an integral part of interior design.

Laurels for the Luminares

The innovative design of the Guise – Luminare Collection was honoured with the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2018. The celebrated award recognized the luminaires' blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them noteworthy additions to any indoor setting. The luminaires enhance the décor through their unique lighting design, offering an enigmatic, yet cozy atmosphere.

More about the Guise – Luminare Collection

The Guise – Luminare Collection, in its essence:

  • Embraces tubular pendant design
  • Features light traversing through the glass
  • Exhibits engraved patterns on the luminaires
  • Comprises a discreet line of LEDs as light sources
  • Is a collaboration of @vibialight and @stefandiez

Don't miss out on this exquisite design, it is sure to transform the ambiance of your space.

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