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Is Scry's 3D Model the Future of the Shoe Industry?

Is Scry's 3D Model the Future of the Shoe Industry?

Revolutionizing the Shoe Industry: Scry's 3D Model

One of the forward-thinking players in the world of shoe production is SCRY, with its recently developed 3D model. They bring an innovative approach to personalising shoe production with their unique “Digital Embryo” philosophy.

Combining Design with Digital Production

The Digital Embryo approach blends consumer-desired shoe design with a step-by-step and changeable digital production process. This means that each shoe is custom designed and manufactured to fit perfectly.

Environmentally Friendly Materials for the Modern Shoe

SCRY's shoe model uses mostly new polymer materials which can be easily recycled once the shoe's lifetime is over. The compact recyclability of their materials and the clever integration of various design and production processes strongly impressed the jury.

Recognition for Excellence

Awarded by none other than the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023, SCRY has proven to be at the forefront of the shoe production industry's future.

About Scry

SCRY, officially known as Beijing Yuze Technology Co., is based in China and is known for its in-house designs that are redefining shoe manufacturing.
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  • Customisable 3D shoe model
  • Step-by-step Digital Production
  • Recyclable Polymer Materials
  • Red Dot Award Winner: Product Design 2023
  • In-house Design from Beijing Yuze Technology Co.

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