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Is Rhythmical Disney The New Frontier in Innovative Design?

Is Rhythmical Disney The New Frontier in Innovative Design?

Rhythmical Disney: A Harmonious Collaboration

The latest buzz in the realm of design is a collaborative project between Disney and South Korea's Hongik University, titled 'Rhythmical Disney.' The centerpiece of this impressive project is none other than the universally adored character, Mickey Mouse.

A Unique Ode to an Iconic Figure

The design project has a unique way of paying homage to Mickey Mouse by showcasing him not as a static figure but in motion. The dynamic representation is accompanied by a riveting array of textures that further amplifies the charm of the iconic character. Reflecting a perfect blend of creativity and innovation, the project had its exquisite design brought to life by South Korea's @bicture_studio.

Award-Winning Collaboration

Adding another feather to its cap, the project has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category for the year 2023. This prestigious award stands testament to the exceptional execution of design principles and innovative thinking in the project.
  • Unique collaboration between Disney and Hongik University
  • Dynamic representation of Mickey Mouse
  • Immersive array of textures
  • Design by @bicture_studio
  • Winner of Red Dot Award 2023
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