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Is Renault's Bold Journey in Brand Design the Future of Automakers?

Is Renault's Bold Journey in Brand Design the Future of Automakers?

Revive Renault - A Bold Journey in Brand Design

Transformative Change

Renault, the iconic automaker, has embarked on a journey that redefines its identity and goes beyond the conventional perception of an automobile company. The brand is executing an ambitious transition, shifting its focus from primarily manufacturing cars to offering comprehensive and exclusive services. Renault's refreshing new brand relaunch aims to encapsulate the vibrant rhythms of life, weaving the nuances of emotion and experience into its new identity.

Inspired by Heritage, Shaped by Modernity

Renault's approach to its brand relaunch takes inspiration from its rich heritage, whilst simultaneously embracing the essence of the modern era. This elegant blend of the past and present is evident in its iconic diamond logo, which has been reimagined with a playful twist to capture the dynamic flow of life and echo the aspirations of today’s consumers.

Award Winning Redesign

Showcasing a resounding endorsement of the brand's innovative pivot, Renault's relaunch has been recognised with the prestigious Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design 2022. This accolade underlines the successful cultivation of its new identity and the impression it has made in the world of design. - Renault's brand relaunch signifies a pivot from traditional car manufacturing to a vibrant service brand. - The redesign of Renault's iconic diamond logo embodies the dynamic flow of modern life. - The brand's leap into modernity does not forget its rich heritage, using it as an inspiration for its new identity. - Renault's relaunch saw the brand collaborate with leading design firms, Landor & Associate and Publicis Conseil. - The brand's innovative redesign earned them the distinguished Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design 2022. #RedDotWinner #RedDotAward #ReviveRenault #BrandRelaunch #CommunicationDesign #Modernization #HeritageInspired #BrandDesign #RedefinedIdentity #LogoEvolution #Innovation #AutomativeShift #DynamicDesign #CustomerExperience #LifeRhythm #AwardRecognition Source: Red Dot Award

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