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Is Curio Reviving Indigenous Craftsmanship and Merging it with Modernity?

Is Curio Reviving Indigenous Craftsmanship and Merging it with Modernity?

Revival of Indigenous Craftsmanship by Curio

An Impressive Display of Art Highlighting Top 10 Indigenous Crafts

Curio, a popular design platform, is bringing ten indigenous craft revivals to light. They are infusing tradition with modern knowledge.

Rediscovering Ancient Techniques

From teaching artistically-carved woodwork in Italy to reviving Lac Turnery (Etikoppaka), a nearly extinct art form from India, Curio is spearheading an exciting movement to keep old traditions alive. They are helping indigenous crafts thrive while giving the world access to these unique pieces of art.

Merging Tradition with Modernity

Artists and designers from around the world are joining hands with Curio in reviving these crafts. They share the mutual goal of merging tradition with technology, achieving sustainability, and sharing the stories of these crafts while keeping them relevant in the 21st century.

  • Reviving the Lac Turnery (Etikoppaka), a 400-year-old almost extinct art form.
  • Propagating Japanese art Kintsugi that finds beauty in broken ceramics.
  • Celebrating Chinese metal casting skills dating back to the Shang Dynasty.
  • Preserving hand-block printing in Bagru, India.
  • Keeping alive the traditional Bulgarian carpet weaving.

The fusion of tradition and modernity

Curio is being appreciated for its work in reminding us of the age-old craftsmanship, merged with contemporary touch, that can bring a revolution within the design industry.

Curio pledges to support these indigenous artists, harboring a platform to showcase their creativity, which otherwise might be lost to modernity.

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