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Is Child Studio Pioneering the Revival of London's Post-War Homes?

Is Child Studio Pioneering the Revival of London's Post-War Homes?

Child Studio's Innovative Quest to Revamp London's Post-War Homes

In an exclusive interview with AD Magazine, Child Studio shared their innovative designs for London's post-war homes, alluding to the potential rebirth of this architectural style.

The Vision of Child Studio

Child Studio comprises two young and dynamic designers Chieh Huang and Alexy Kos. Using their skills and creative vision, the duo has a knack for translating their vivid imagination into functional and useful spaces that not only celebrate the post-war architecture in London but also modernize it. - Their most recent project includes a residential house located in Notting Hill that gave them full scope to test their narrative-driven approach to design. - Brimming with art pieces, curios, and furniture designs, the house is a reflection of their in-depth knowledge of design history and aesthetics. - From the kitchen area featuring vintage lava lamps to the royal blue alcove, every space is a nod to the vibrant and idiosyncratic style of the past. #ChildStudio #PostWarArchitecture #LondonHomes #InnovationInDesign

The Future of Design: Artistry & Functionality

The major takeaway from Child Studio’s approach is the beautiful fusion of artistry and functionality. - The designers have expressed a fondness for the post-war era, focusing on the unique historical narrative it offers while also contemplating how it can be smoothly integrated with contemporary aesthetics. - For Huang and Kos, it's not about recreating a bygone era, but rather asking questions about how these spaces can be made relevant for contemporary living. Child Studio's innovative designs for postwar architecture have not only put them on the map of the design world but also shed light on how history can mingle with modernity. #Artistry #Functionality #DesignFusion #HistoricalNarrative #ContemporaryLiving

What's Next?

Indeed, the work of Child Studio has gotten everyone excited in anticipation of their next project – whatever that might be, it’s sure to bring their history-conscious yet forward-looking design approach to the table. #ChildStudio #LondonDesign #ModernVintageStyle #ComingAttractions

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