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Is Catifa Carta the Future of Sustainable Furniture Design?

Is Catifa Carta the Future of Sustainable Furniture Design?

Arper and PaperShell Join Forces to Revolutionize Sustainability in Furniture Design with Catifa Carta

Introducing Catifa Carta: An Innovation for Sustainability

Arper, a global Italian company and PaperShell, are redefining the principle of sustainability in furniture design. Together, they have created an innovative chair, Catifa Carta, which is designed from paper waste. This project took their passion for using sustainable materials and turned it into a product that could potentially influence the entire furniture design industry.

The Game-changing Process of Catifa Carta Production

The Catifa Carta is produced by mixing paper pulp, leftovers from paper production, with a unique ingredient by PaperShell that makes it durable and resistant, resulting in an eco-friendly furniture piece that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or functionality.

A Visionary Collaboration for Sustainable Design

This collaboration between Arper and PaperShell combines innovative design with sustainability, often overlooked in the furniture industry. With the launch of Catifa Carta, their shared vision of reducing waste and promoting environmentally conscious designs has materialized.

  • Tackles the issue of waste paper by turning it into functional furniture.
  • Represents a new approach to sustainability in the industry.
  • Collaboration between Arper and PaperShell to create innovative solutions.
  • The unique ingredient provided by PaperShell enhances the chair's durability.
  • More than just a chair, it’s a statement for a greener future.
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