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Is Calma the Most Relaxing and Aesthetically Pleasing Office Chair Ever Designed?

Is Calma the Most Relaxing and Aesthetically Pleasing Office Chair Ever Designed?

Calma – The Relaxing Office Chair

Introducing the elegant and sleek Calma office chair, one of the prominent collections of ANDREU WORLD. Characterized by its die-cast aluminium frame, Calma has enchanted the nuances of office furniture with its visually suggestive and comfortable design.

Functional Meets Aesthetic

Calma redefines the concept of office chairs with its unique and distinctive design. Setting it apart is its die-cast aluminium frame that significantly defines the chair's aesthetic appeal. Functioning as a supportive outline, the frame gracefully wraps around the backrest and beautifully integrates with the loop-shaped armrests, creating a neat and flowing contour.

This marrying of design and function not only offers comfort but also promises a visual delicacy that imparts a sense of tranquility. Moreover, Calma's charm is further elevated through hand-finished materials and minimalist lines that make it a joy to behold and experience.

Award-Winning Design

The ingenious design and craftsmanship of Calma haven't gone unnoticed. Recognized for its brilliance and innovation, this office chair is a proud recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2023, a commendable recognition in the realm of design.

From the Houses of ANDREU WORLD and LAYER

The mastermind behind Calma's exquisite design and manufacturing is ANDREU WORLD from Spain, well-reputed for its high-quality furniture. The design quotient was further elevated by collaborating with LAYER, a design agency from the United Kingdom renowned for its creative excellence.

Highlights of the Calma Office Chair:
  • Die-cast aluminium frame
  • Integrated backrest and loop-shaped armrests
  • Visually pleasing with a sense of calm
  • Hand-finished materials
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023
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