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Is Avro Upgrading Your Airport Seating Experience?

Is Avro Upgrading Your Airport Seating Experience?

Avro – Raising the Bar for Airport Seating System

Comfort and flexibility have been taken to a new level in airport seating design with the Avro - a line specifically designed to cater to the evolving demands of travelers. Produced by the Canadian manufacturer, Arconas Corp, and designed by Pearson Lloyd from the United Kingdom, this award-winning seating system is making waves in the world of product design.

Distinguished Features of Avro

Famed for its exceptional design, Avro has been specifically constructed with a universal aluminium base. This implies:

  • Effortless installation process.
  • Easy-to-execute maintenance work and clean-up.
  • Replacement convenience with no need for specialized tools.

The Red Dot Award jury acclaimed Avro for brilliantly merging convenience and elegance. Avro's exclusive design language presents passengers with a delightful flight waiting experience. The seating system embraces an elegant design while also providing superior comfort and adaptability, which are paramount for discerning travellers.

Avro’s Acclaim in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

Avro stands out as a winner in product design at the illustrious Red Dot Awards 2023. Its commitment to delivering an enhanced airport seating experience to travellers worldwide has indeed gained due recognition.


The Avro airport seating system is revolutionising the travel industry with its design quality, superior comfort, and flexibility. With its distinguished features, it continues to set high standards in airport seating, making travel a delightful experience.

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