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Is Alicia Luxem's Approach the Future of Interior Design?

Is Alicia Luxem's Approach the Future of Interior Design?

Interior Designer Alicia Luxem: A Fusion of Art, Design and Architecture

Revealing Luxem's Inspirations and Design Philosophy

Belgian interior designer, Alicia Luxem, is fast becoming a major player in the industry with her unique design philosophy. Combining elements of art, architecture, and design to create stunning interiors, her work is redefining the boundaries of interior design.

An Evolving Concept: The Ruler Collection

Luxem's latest collection, The Ruler, showcases her innovative approach. The functional and aesthetic pieces are a result of meticulous research and represent a new kind of design-form follows function. Bullet points:
  • The 'Ruler Collection' is a fusion of function, art and craft
  • Pieces are inspired by architectural attributes
  • Focus on creating timeless and sustainable designs
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Luxem's Philosophy: Design as a Communication Tool

For Luxem, design is a communication tool. It communicates emotions and tells a story. She views residences as sensorial experiences, a fusion of aesthetics, functionality, and sensory perception. Bullet points:
  • Interiors are imagined as places of wellbeing and comfort
  • Each design aspect contributes to the overall sensory experience
  • Phenomenology - role of sensory perception in her design

The Future of Luxem's Craft

Luxem is keen to continue exploring new design dimensions, bridging the gap between the abstract and the material, between dream and reality. An upcoming living room collection, for example, aims to offer a new dimension to the traditional furniture design. Hastags(trends and brands):
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