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Is 3D Printing the Future of Eco-Friendly Furniture Design?

Is 3D Printing the Future of Eco-Friendly Furniture Design?

Zillij: Next-Generation Furniture through 3D Printing

Furniture design has now met the future – and it’s made of recyclable Quartz Sand. This leap forward was achieved by OzRuh, an ambitious interdisciplinary company specialising in digital fabrication.

Revolutionising Furniture Design

OzRuh has turned heads with its latest innovation, a groundbreaking collection of furniture known as “Zillij”.

What sets this collection apart is that each piece is created through an eco-friendly process using 3D printing technology and recyclable Quartz Sand, marking a major turning point for green initiatives in the furniture design industry.

Utilising digital fabrication and computation design, the Zillij collection fuses tradition and technology while keeping the environment front and centre.

Unveiling the Zillij Collection

With this innovative design, the team at OzRuh has taken a leaf out of the book of traditional Moroccan architecture, using old-world elements in a future-forward way.

A hallmark of the Zillij collection is its distinctive mesh structure, which showcases the precision and complexity only 3D printing technology can achieve.

This new collection pushes boundaries and changes the game in furniture design.

Key Highlights from the Zillij Collection

  • Revolutionary use of recyclable materials
  • Combination of traditional and modern design elements
  • Unique mesh structure enabled by 3D printing
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Replicable process, paving the way for future designs

Moving Forward

The amazing breakthrough by OzRuh sets new standards for the furniture industry, combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to sustainable design.

This innovative approach holds the promise of leading the way for future furniture creations and a more eco-friendly world.

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