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How to Live Minimally and Luxuriously in a Parisian Mini-Apartment?

How to Live Minimally and Luxuriously in a Parisian Mini-Apartment?

Optimized Living in a Functional Mini-apartment in Paris

Innovative minimalist design and ingenious space-saving techniques step into the spotlight.

Located in the heart of Paris, an impressive mini-apartment is setting a benchmark for minimalist-living. Designed by Marianne Evennou, the apartment packs function and style into a modest 25 square meters.

Where Function Meets Aesthetics

Despite the cramped quarters, every corner of the space is utilized. The result is a living area that not only appears spacious but offers all the amenities of a full-sized apartment. Marianne has effectively achieved a balance of aesthetics and functionality.

• Space-saving sliding doors
• Practical built-in storage
• Streamlined kitchen
• Mezzanine level for a comfortable sleeping area
• Clever use of mirrors to create illusions of space

Combining Old and New Elements

Dating back to the 18th century, the apartment incorporates original elements such as the stone wall with modern, custom-made pieces, marrying old and new in a harmonious blend.

The Allure of Parisian Micro-living

With escalating property prices, micro-apartments symbolize the future of urban living. This particular apartment has captivated global attention with its unique blend of style, comfort, and convenience in a micro-space.

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