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How Has Antonius Schimmelbusch's Love for Neuroscience Influenced His Interior Designs in Berlin?

How Has Antonius Schimmelbusch's Love for Neuroscience Influenced His Interior Designs in Berlin?

An Inside Look at Antonius Schimmelbusch's Neuroscience-themed Apartment in Berlin

When it comes to interior design in apartments in Berlin, few tick both the form and function boxes as aptly as Antonius Schimmelbusch's. Interweaving his gemology roots with his passion for neuroscience and contemporary aesthetics, Schimmelbusch has crafted a wonderland of colors and texture in his Berlin-based residence.

Theme and Design

Inspired by the gear-filled minds of neuroscientists, Schimmelbusch has created a living space akin to a functional brain, complete with the nuances and intricacies only the most intricate minds produce. Using a masterful blend of bold colors, rich textures, and a liveliness for life, this residence pays homage to the direct, raw, immediate, and intuitive world of neuroscientists.

  • The apartment features a display case set beautifully with Schimmelbusch's collection of mineral and fossil samples.
  • The design is composed mainly of durable, cofriendly materials and also uses induction technology for warming up.
  • Decorated with colorful, bold accents such as chartreuse-green furniture and bright-pink curtains.
  • The bathroom hosts an antiquarian flamingo image, paying homage to an extinct animal from his collection.
  • Schimmelbusch converted multiple storage containers into practical furniture that gives the space a uniquely cozy feeling.

Luxurious Yet Conscious Living

Antonius Schimmelbusch's apartment stands as a beautiful testament to luxurious yet conscious living. From the creative re-use of storage containers as furniture to the meticulously curated mineral and fossil collections, there's an artistic touch that echoes Schimmelbusch's dedication in every corner.

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