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How Does a Dilapidated Austin Farmhouse Become a Rustic Haven?

How Does a Dilapidated Austin Farmhouse Become a Rustic Haven?

Transformation of an Austin Farmhouse into a Rustic Haven

Austin Farmhouse Transformed into a Vivacious and Inviting Residence by Lake|Flato Architects

San Antonio-based design firm Lake|Flato has reimagined a dilapidated farmhouse in Austin, Texas, turning it into an inviting and energizing residential abode.

The Old Texture with a Modern Twist

Desire to sustain the fundamental essence of the original structure guided the renovation process. The design firm retained the character of the farmhouse while infusing it with modern conveniences and aesthetics.

The Design Elements

The reworked farmhouse comprises two sections: the entrance area containing the communal areas, with the bedrooms located in the rear. The transition between the two regions is punctuated by striking steel-framed glass doors.

Bullet Points: - The original elements of the farmhouse such as reclaimed wood floors and ceiling beams were preserved - Modern amenities like polished concrete floors and glass walls were introduced - The communal area features a combined kitchen-living-dining-room - An inviting courtyard introduces a striking outdoor element to the design - The courtyard is touched by old live oak trees, providing an atmospheric sensation Hashtags: #LakeFlato #farmhouse #rustic #renovation #design #architecture #AustinTexas #steel #glass #natural #wood #concrete #outdoorliving #courtyard #modern

Home with a Unique Character

This makeover of the Austin farmhouse beautifully weaves architectural charm with modern living. It showcases how heritage and industrial design elements can co-exist, creating a living space with a distinct character, thereby setting a new standard for future residential renovation projects.

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