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How did TOTO's Innovative Approach to Kitchen Design Win them the Red Dot Award?

How did TOTO's Innovative Approach to Kitchen Design Win them the Red Dot Award?

TOTO's Innovation in Kitchen Design Wins Red Dot Award

"To create harmony between sinks and taps, it is important to think of interior design in its entirety", says globally-renowned bathroom and kitchen solutions provider, TOTO. Firmly believing that kitchen sinks are more than just functional elements; they're integral to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen.

Combining Form and Function

TOTO's designers took a holistic approach while designing their CRASSO sinks and taps. Their primary aim was not just to create a durable and functionally superior product, but also to ensure it blended seamlessly with the kitchen's overall look. They accomplished exactly that with the innovative “crystal” material, polished surface, and streamlined form of CRASSO models.

Product Development Insights

To provide more insight into TOTO's product development process, the company has made related stories available in their online magazine.

Design Features

  • The luminosity of the innovative "crystal" material enhances the overall appearance of sinks.
  • The taps mirror the soft curves of the sinks, adding a harmonious touch to the design.
  • The polished surface of the sinks and taps provides the necessary transparency, making them look sleek and modern.

With their impeccable blend of functionality and aesthetics, TOTO's CRASSO sinks and taps have rightfully secured the prestigious Red Dot award. The designs serve as a testament to TOTO’s commitment to innovative and holistic interior design.

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