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How Did the Innovative SHARK TWIST Design Win a Red Dot Award?

How Did the Innovative SHARK TWIST Design Win a Red Dot Award?

SHARK® TWIST: A Red Dot Award-Winning Design


SHARK TWIST is an ingenious two-component plastic anchor that embodies versatility and adaptability. With an innovative design that allows it to fit into various construction materials, it exhibits a remarkable load-bearing capacity. This multi-purpose anchor sets up an eight-fold knot back when tightened, making it highly dependable for diverse uses.

Behind the Remarkable Design

This marvel of design and engineering is the result of collaborative efforts between manufacturer @wuerth_germany from Germany and KMT Kunststoff- und Metallteile AG from Switzerland. Their prowess in in-house design and precision engineering led to the creation of the SHARK TWIST, which has earned it a coveted position at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023.


The Red Dot Awards stand as a benchmark for outstanding design and innovation. It recognizes and honors the best in product design, brands, and concepts in the design industry. The SHARK TWIST has been a proud recipient of this prestigious accolade, underlining its remarkable concept and execution.

Key Features:
  • Versatile Use
  • High Load-bearing capacity
  • Unique two-component design
  • Compatible with different construction materials
  • Red Dot Award Winner
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