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How Did Reform and Inga Sempé Revolutionize Kitchen Design?

How Did Reform and Inga Sempé Revolutionize Kitchen Design?

Reform Collaborates with Inga Sempé to Design a Revolutionary Kitchen

Reform, the Danish furniture brand, has collaborated with French designer Inga Sempé to take kitchen design to new heights. The partnership has resulted in a design with character, defined by simplicity and functionality that elevates the kitchen from a mere cooking space to a centerpiece of home décor.

Unique Design

Inga Sempé, renowned for her award-winning lighting and furniture designs, worked her magic on the kitchen cabinets. Her eye for intricate details like slight curvatures and balanced colors give the kitchen design a sophisticated, timeless look. - The distinctive 'V' groove design giving the cabinets a rhythmic pattern. - The color selection includes earth tones such as light oak, dark oak, and burgundy. - The curved doors and a slightly elevated placement of the cabinets give an illusion of space. - The design also includes a unique integrated handle.

Easy Installation

The beauty of the Reform and Inga Sempé design is not just limited to its aesthetics. The kitchen units are also designed to be easily installed. It's shipped flat-packed and includes detailed instructions, ensuring a hassle-free assembly. #ReformDesign #IngaSempe #KitchenRevolution #DanishFurniture #DesignCollaboration #FlatPackFurniture Hashtags: #IngaSempeDesign #ReformKitchen #ModernKitchen #FurnitureDesign #FrenchDesigner #DanishDesign #FlatPack #AssemblyMadeEasy #TimelessDesign #HomeDecor #FurnitureTrends #KitchenTrends #InteriorDesign #FunctionalDesign #SophisticatedDesign

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