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How Did Linda Tol Transform Jules Haarlem's Traditional House into a Blend of Past and Present?

How Did Linda Tol Transform Jules Haarlem's Traditional House into a Blend of Past and Present?

Linda Tol Revamps Jules Haarlem's Abode

Modern past meets contemporary present in a stunning homely renovation

Fashion influencer Linda Tol and René Hougaard from Artemide, have combined their expertise to inject life into the interior design of a traditional Haarlem house owned by Jules.

The Exquisite Combination

The duo's fusion of different styles and periods has given birth to an interior that is a seamless blend of the modern and the old. The furniture, a luxurious mix of 20th century design pieces from iconic designers such as Niels Otto Moller and Pierre Jeanneret, compliment stunning modern Artemide light fixtures.

The Splendid Result

This creative endeavor has resulted in a sensual simplicity that strikes the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and timeless elegance. As a result, the house is transformed into a comfortable living space, combining functionality with an understated luxury. - Linda and René maintained the original features of the house while accentuating them with selected furniture pieces and carefully planned lighting. - The house interlaces colours, textures, various design periods and personal memories, creating a warm, inviting space. - A specially curated selection of Artemide's lighting fixtures helps to illuminate the residence, spotlighting the beauty of each carefully chosen piece. - The kitchen becomes the heart of the home with its use of light, natural materials, and modern design elements. - The end result is a harmonious blend of elegant modernity with a nostalgic nod to the past. #Haarlemhome #artemide #LindaTol #RenéHougaard #interiordesign #haarmlemhouse #homeinterior #luxuryhome #Jules #modernmeetsvintage #homereno #homedesignideas #IconicDesign #20thCenturyFurniture #NielsOttoMoller #PierreJeanneret #moderninterior #homerenovation #homeinspiration

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