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How Did Langenscheidt's Redesign Win the Red Dot Award?

How Did Langenscheidt's Redesign Win the Red Dot Award?

Langenscheidt's Red Dot Award-winning Redesign

The Iconic Trademark Transformation

In 2013, Langenscheidt, a revered publishing group, embarked on a strategic redesign journey. A particular focus was put on enhancing the universal applicability of its renowned trademark—a blue 'L' on a yellow background. This practical yet appealing design was elevated through a series of alterations.
  • The border was erased, giving the iconic blue 'L' a sleeker look.
  • The yellow surface area was magnified, amplifying the contrast between the two colors.
  • The proportions were fine-tuned, especially for scaled-down versions of the logo, to boost aesthetic appeal.
The primary purpose underpinning these adjustments was to improve the color contrast's clarity and delineate the shapes more distinctly. The client being Langenscheidt from Germany and the design firm hired was KW43 Branddesign, also from Germany. The innovative design approach won them the Red Dot Award for Brands & Communication Design 2013.

Making a Mark with Great Design

Langenscheidt's trademark redesign reaffirms that successful branding does more than just visually please—it contributes to shaping the brand's identity across multiple platforms. #RedDotAward #Langenscheidt #ReDesign #CrossMedia #YellowDesign #ColourContrast #RedDotWinner #CorporateDesign Source: Red Dot Award

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