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How Did Indonesian Furniture Make a Huge Impact at Dubai's Index 2024?

How Did Indonesian Furniture Make a Huge Impact at Dubai's Index 2024?

Indonesian Furniture Strikes Big at Dubai's Index 2024

Indonesian furniture has always been synonymous with quality and style. And this recognition has reached a new height at the recent, notable Index 2024 event in Dubai. Here's everything you need to know about this major achievement.

Impressive Transactions

At this premier tradeshow and conference focussing on aspects like design, interior, retail and more, Indonesian furniture gained significant attention. Confirming this, the Director-General of Small, Medium, and various Industries at the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia, Gati Wibawaningsih, announced a fantastic scoop: furniture products from Indonesia grabbed transactions totalling US$6.11 million. - Displayed across 14 stands, the furniture exhibited a blend of cultural uniqueness and modern design. - The success added to the continued growth of Indonesian furniture exports. - Buyers from around the world, including countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and more were part of these transactions.

A Boost for the Furniture Industry

Wibawaningsih also applauded the performance, calling it a strategic step towards achieving the program’s target to bag transactions worth USD 27.38 billion by 2035. The event not only highlighted the quality of Indonesian furniture but also presented an exceptional opportunity for manufacturers to expand their consumer base. Such achievements serve as a testament to the potential growth of Indonesia's furniture industry. The government continues to encourage more manufacturers to participate in similar events to boost Indonesia's furniture exports.

Why Indonesian Furniture?

Indonesian furniture is a go-to choice for many owing to a multitude of factors: - Products that narrate a tale of deep cultural roots - The versatile design suited to different aesthetic preferences - High-quality wood used ensuring durability - Sustainability at the core of their manufacturing processes This successful run at the Dubai's Index 2024 sure paints a bright future for Indonesia's furniture market.

In Conclusion

Who wouldn't want to own a beautiful piece of Indonesian furniture? With a blend of tradition and modernity, quality craftsmanship, and the belief in sustainable manufacturing, it remains a coveted choice across the world. #IndonesianFurniture #FurnitureExports #DubaiIndex2024 #SustainableManufacturing #ModernDesign #FurnitureTradeShow #IndonesiaIndustries

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