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How Did Cristina Celestino Transform a Basic Penthouse into a Marvelous Roman Haven?

How Did Cristina Celestino Transform a Basic Penthouse into a Marvelous Roman Haven?
**H1: Cristina Celestino's Marvelous Revamp of a Penthouse in Rome** Italian designer, Cristina Celestino, elegantly transforms a penthouse in one of Rome's tallest buildings into a sumptuous haven. The enchanting space visually portrays the balance of beauty and function. **H2: Classic Meets Contemporary** The primary charm of this celestial lair lies in Celestino's flawless fusion of classic and modern décor. With meticulous attention given to every detail, the entire apartment now exudes an inviting aura. **H2: A Galaxy of Creativity** The apartment's interior represents a spectrum of Celestino's creativity with the hallway walls painted in a constellation of stars. The creative galaxy expands into the living room where hints of neoclassicism blend seamlessly with modern interior design. **H2: Palette and Texture** Deep royal blue shades contrast with the luminous gold accents of the fixtures and furnishings. Texture is just as pivotal to the aesthetic as the color palette, with plush velvets sitting alongside sleek metals in a symphony of tactile harmony. **H2: Distinctive Features** Celestino leaves no room untouched. Highlights include a permeable lounge wall made from absorbent clay tiles, and a celestial-inspired bathroom with brass detail, a marble sink and star-themed wallpaper. * The sky garden with floor-to-ceiling windows offers breathtaking views of Rome. * The bedrooms bear witness to Celestino’s genius, the master suite looks more like an intimate spa retreat. * Not forgetting the striking dining room which captivates guests with a giant moon-themed cabinet. **H2: Final Thoughts** Celestino’s Penthouse project in Rome serves as a stellar example of her design prowess. The blend of classic design elements with modern accents creates a space that is both inviting and inspiring. #CristinaCelestino #LuxuryInteriors #RomePenthouse #Neoclassical #ModernInteriorDesign #ItalianDesigner #HomeTransformation #HomeDecor #InteriorDesign #Architecture #LuxuryHomes #DesignInspiration #PenthouseDesign #LuxuryLiving #HomeInspo#+BathroomDesign #BedroomDesign #LivingRoomDesign

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