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How Did Constanze Ladner Perfectly Balance Old and New in her Klinkerbau Home Renovation?

How Did Constanze Ladner Perfectly Balance Old and New in her Klinkerbau Home Renovation?

Revamping the Charm of an Old Klinkerbau: Inside Constanze Ladner's Home Story

Renovating an old Klinkerbau is not only about renewing its aesthetic appeal but also about preserving its historical value. The home story of Constanze Ladner encapsulates the perfect example of how a perfect balance between old and new can be achieved while refurbishing a Klinkerbau.

Beautiful Interplay of Old and New

Remaining true to its original architectural style, Ladner's home showcases a beautiful interplay of old and new. The house was rebuilt using original materials and by following the traditional construction methods from the 1960s. The goal was to protect the atmospheric charm and idiosyncrasy of the old Klinkerbau while adding modern amenities.

  • Original architectural integrity maintained.
  • Traditional construction methods revisited.
  • Idiosyncrasy of the Klinkerbau preserved.
  • Modern amenities integrated.
  • Homely charm retained.

The Interior: A Glorious Fusion

The interior is a glorious fusion of Ladner's personal style, modern design elements, and vintage furniture. Ladner's collection of art and objects reveal her individual personality while also radiating warmth and creating a cozy atmosphere.

  • Intertwining of personal style and modern design.
  • Vintage furniture adds character.
  • Art collection reflects the homeowner's personality.
  • Cozy atmosphere established.

Undeniably, Constanze Ladner has successfully infused a new life into the old Klinkerbau without altering its essence.

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