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How Did Andre Mellone Transform a New York Apartment into an Elegant Penthouse?

How Did Andre Mellone Transform a New York Apartment into an Elegant Penthouse?

Andre Mellone Transforms New York Apartment into Classy Penthouse

The esteemed Brazilian interior designer, Andre Mellone recently transformed a modest New York apartment into a sleek and sophisticated penthouse, shattering the boundaries of interior design.

Unveiling Mellone's Architectural Marvel

Mellone, the founder of Studio Mellone, created a harmonious blend of vintage and contemporary designs to incorporate spaces for socializing, working, and resting. He believes in designing spaces with a distinctive character that echo the life and soul of its occupants. Below are highlights of Mellone's design magic: -He transformed the apartment's living room into an elegant and spacious lounge, replacing the organic textures and colors with pure geometric forms rendered in a limited palette of black, white, and gray. -The dinning area boasts a modern interpretation of classic designs, with a custom-made, black lacquered table paired with mid-century dining chairs upholstered in ivory fabric. -The study room, along with the rest of the apartment, features furnishings and art that Mellone has collected over the years, including '60s Italian lamps, '70s brass chairs, and original artwork. -The master bedroom, imbued with a peaceful ambiance, is adorned with chic bedding, smooth dark-wood dressers, and a stunning silver-streaked marble fireplace. -With the guest room, Mellone breaks away from the monochromatic scheme, adding a cheerful pop of color with a pink and yellow graphic rug. This seamless blend of the past and present has resulted in an environment that is equally elegant as inviting.

Not Just An Apartment But An Artistic Statement

Mellone's genius is reflected not just in the stylish design but also in the careful consideration he gives to the antiques and artwork that adorn the space. The items were handpicked by Mellone, making the apartment equal parts elegance and character, and stand as evidence of a life well travelled. #AndreMellone #StudioMellone #InteriorDesign #PenthouseDesign #ModernHome #VintageDesign #WorkSpace #RestSpace #LivingRoomIdeas #BedroomIdeas #MasterBedroom #GuestRoom #Artwork #Antiques #NewYorkPenthouse #BrazilianDesigners

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