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How Did a Manhattan Family Artfully Transform their Apartment with Light?

How Did a Manhattan Family Artfully Transform their Apartment with Light?

Artistic Remodeling of Manhattan Apartment by Family Light

The apartment of a Manhattan family underwent an elaborate conversion to achieve a certain level of eccentricity and flamboyance. While the exterior maintained the structure's unkempt charm, the interior was transformed radically.

The Transformation

The apartment, previously divided into dark rooms, now boasts wide open spaces, bright ambient lights, and modern furniture. Numerous windows allow natural sunlight to cascade in, illuminating its artwork from Meissen and the baroque era.

A Passion for Art

Every item in the house reveals a passion for art. The hand-painted porcelain cabinet in the bedroom provides a charming contrast with the minimalist design of the area. Moreover, the pink marble in the shower room offers an unusual, yet glamorous touch.

The Creative Use of Lighting

The use of light is innovative as well, contributing to the apartment's unique ambiance and feel. The family has made the delightful decision to illuminate their kitchen with neon lights, adding a radiant warmth to the space.

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