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Have You Seen the Dazzling Multicolored Townhouse in London Yet?

Have You Seen the Dazzling Multicolored Townhouse in London Yet?

Vibrant Multicolored Townhouse Spotted in London

An overwhelming mix of vibrant colors and bold patterns defines the latest interior design trend, as observed in a lavish townhouse in West London. The masterpiece adorned with bright hues employs striking designs to create an enchanting environment.

The Mastermind Behind the Design

This stunning transformation is the brainchild of the British top design studio, 2LG Studio. Known for their daring and contemporary approach to interior design, their creativity is undeniable in this delightful project.

Captivating Features

• A radiant marble kitchen with cobalt blue walls
• A bathroom featuring pink wallpaper, customized with green fern patterns
• Spiral staircase painted in pastel colors
• Master bedroom draped in cushion covers ranging from deep violet to soft lavender

In a nutshell, this remodel notably balances contemporary style and comfort, while adding a touch of joy and brightness to every corner.

But don't take our word for it. You can check out beautiful images of the project on the AD Deutschland website and revel in the blast of colors.


With this project, 2LG Studio has set a new benchmark for homeowners seeking to infuse their space with color. It serves as dazzling inspiration for those wishing to revamp their interiors with memorable and radiant designs.

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