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Has Vikos Cola's Rebranding Paid Off?

Has Vikos Cola's Rebranding Paid Off?

Vikos Cola Undergoes A Refreshing Rebrand

The Greek cola brand, Vikos, has undergone a high-profile rebrand with a key focus on emphasising its connection to natural water sources. This innovative rebrand breathes new life into the brand's visual identity, giving it a fresh, modern look.

Revitalizing Efforts

The revitalizing effort saw the design architecture being extended across packaging materials. This includes the brand's first-ever glass bottle that features clear-on-clear labels, maintaining a uniform visual language across the product line.


This new design direction has not only captured the attention of consumers but also won prestigious accolades. The rebrand of Vikos Cola was recognized with a Red Dot Award in Brands & Communication Design for 2023. - Adopting a new visual identity. - Connection with natural water sources highlighted. - Consistency across packaging materials. - Introduction of a clear-on-clear label for its first glass bottle. - Winner of the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2023. #VikosCola #Rebranding #VisualIdentity #NaturalWater #GreekDesign #RedDotAward #RedDotWinner #InnovativeDesign #PackagingDesign #BrandRecognition #BrandRefresh #DesignAwards #CommunicationDesign #GreekBrand #BrandInnovation #SustainableDesign Source: Red Dot Award

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