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Has the High-Tech Workspace 1784 THE TESTBED by NAVER Redefined Innovation in Workspace Design?

Has the High-Tech Workspace 1784 THE TESTBED by NAVER Redefined Innovation in Workspace Design?

Red Dot Award Honours High-Tech Workspace, 1784, THE TESTBED by NAVER

Designed with technology, innovation, and style at its forefront, 1784, THE TESTBED by NAVER has impressively blended these elements to create a cutting-edge workspace that has propelled it into the spotlight of recognition.

A Space Where Innovation Comes To Life

The workspace is aptly named after its land lot title, and notably, the beginning year of the first industrial revolution - 1784. Embedded deep in its roots, NAVER's second headquarter illustrates a significant homage to historical advancements, distilling these inspirations into a modern-day innovation hub.

Designing For The Future

One of the key features of 1784 is its commitment to a user-oriented spatial platform. This unique design integrates the company's leading technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud computing, and 5G services. Working in symphony, these innovations allow 1784 to evolve, as it assimilates gathered data into a dynamic and future-ready environment.

Recognized Excellence: Red Dot Award - Design Concept 2023

This futuristic concept has not gone unnoticed. The combined efforts of South Korean company Samoo Architects and design partner NAVER have led to the honourable recognition - the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2023. The esteemed Red Dot Awards highlights the best products, brands, and concepts in the design world, with their recognition of 1784, serving as a testament to the workspace's ambitious and innovative design.

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