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Has the Future of Office Chair Design been Redefined by the Red Dot Awards?

Has the Future of Office Chair Design been Redefined by the Red Dot Awards?

A New Era in Office Chair Design Recognized by Red Dot Awards

For two decades, @sedus_official has pioneered an innovative approach to how we interact with office chairs.

A Look Back at Ground-Breaking Design

In 2000, the unveiling of the "open up" office chair revolutionized workplace seating. This chair, characterized by a reclining angle that can reach up to 45 degrees, offered the unprecedented idea of achieving relaxation amidst a hectic workday. The "open up" chair was subsequently recognized by the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2000. The chair was created by none other than Sedus Stoll from Germany, and its in-house design prowess was credited to Mathias Seiler.

Future-focused Innovation in Office Chair Design

The forward leap to 2023, brings the "se:air" office chair into the spotlight. This model stands out due to its kinetic swing mechanism, a unique feature that accentuates its minimalistic, yet functional design. Additionally, it incorporates air-permeable knitted membranes, ensuring breathable comfort during long hours at the office. The "se:air" office chair by Sedus Stoll, boasting an in-house design from Konstantin Thomas, was honored by the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023 for its innovation and style.

Award-Winning Office Chair Design

Through these timeless designs, Sedus Stoll has demonstrated its commitment to redefining office comfort and aesthetics, earning them well-deserved recognition in the design world.

  • Manufacturer: Sedus Stoll / Germany
  • "Open up" in-house design: Mathias Seiler
  • "Open up" Red Dot Award: Product Design 2000
  • "Se:air" in-house design: Konstantin Thomas
  • "Se:air" Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

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Source: Red Dot Award

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