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Has Luxury French Furniture Brand, Ligne Roset, Opened Its First Store in India?

Has Luxury French Furniture Brand, Ligne Roset, Opened Its First Store in India?

Luxury French Furniture Brand, Ligne Roset, Debuts In India

Ligne Roset Opens Exclusive Store in India

Ligne Roset, renowned internationally for its high-end furniture and home decor, has introduced its first-ever exclusive outlet in India. This move is a collaborative initiative with Mirania Luxury Living. The store is situated in the posh location of New Delhi, India's capital. The strategic choice of location speaks to the brand's commitment to catering to a clientele that appreciates luxury and fine aesthetics. What to Expect from Ligne Roset India? Here are some showcased elements in Ligne Roset's exclusive Indian store: - An array of aesthetically pleasing designs combining functionality with style - Furniture pieces that display an innovative blend of European sophistication, sublime craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line artistry - A collection that features pieces from top international designers, reflecting Ligne Roset’s commitment to promoting artistic talent - Option for custom-designed pieces - End-to-end customer service guiding customers through all stages of purchase and delivery Established in 1860, Ligne Roset has engraved its name amongst the world's most prestigious furniture brands. With a history of working with renowned designers and artists, the brand has successfully curated exclusive and unique collections season after season. #LigneRoset #LuxuryFurniture #NewStoreLaunch #LuxuryLiving #MiraniaLuxuryLiving #FirstStoreInIndia #FrenchFurniture #Design #Style #Sophistication #Aesthetics #InteriorDesign #LuxuryHomeDecor #ArtisticTalent #CustomDesignedPieces #DedicatedCustomerService

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