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Ever Wondered How Renowned Architect Marion Mailänder Styles Her Parisian Home?

Ever Wondered How Renowned Architect Marion Mailänder Styles Her Parisian Home?

Marion Mailänder's Stylish and Artistic Parisian Apartment Unveiled

Architectural Charm Meets Bold Color

Renowned architect and designer Marion Mailänder has recently opened up about her elegant Parisian pad in the 9th arrondissement. The sophisticated blend of antique elements with bold modern color and objects d'art reflects her unique aesthetic.

Antiques with Modern Art - Mailänder's Interesting Mix

Sprinkled throughout the elegant living spaces are diverse, carefully curated objects, including European ceramics and minimalist floating sculptures. Mailänder goes on to show how the mix of 1970s vintage items with these artistic pieces bring a thrilling discordance and dynamic nature to her home.

A Look inside Mailänder's Parisian Home

The elegant living room contains a beautiful north-facing balcony. You’ll also find an inviting brass gas fire, perfect for those cooler Parisian evenings. And the kitchen and dining area? A mixture of old-world charm and contemporary design, with antique Parisian elements like vintage tiles on the floor. Altogether, Mailänder's home is a testament to her innovative approach to design

• Marion Mailänder's home is a unique blend of old and new • The home is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris • She uses color, object d'art, and furniture from various eras to create a harmonious blend • Her home consists of a north-facing balcony, a brass gas fire, and vintage floor tiles in the kitchen • The house perfectly exemplifies her approach to design #MarionMailänder #ParisianDesign #VintageModern #AntiqueModern #InteriorDesign #ArchitectsAtHome #HomeTour #ParisianStyle #ParisianDecor #DecoratingWithAntiques #DesignInspiration #ModernArtInDecor #Homestyling #EclecticDesign #ArtandDesign #DesignMix

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