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Did You Know it Took a Decade for Ryan Murphy to Restore His Mid-Century Home to its Original Glory?

Did You Know it Took a Decade for Ryan Murphy to Restore His Mid-Century Home to its Original Glory?

Ryan Murphy's Decade-Long Restoration of His Mid-Century Home is Complete

American writer, director and producer, Ryan Murphy, known for works such as 'American Horror Story' has finally completed the decade-long restoration of his mid-century home in Los Angeles. The stunning abode was originally designed by iconic Swiss architect Richard Neutra.

The Richard Neutra Build

Murphy's home, initially designed by Neutra in the 1960s, is considered an architectural gem. Having been seemingly forgotten by its previous owners, the structure underwent significant wear and tear until Murphy discovered it and saw its potential. The award-winning director decided to embark on a restoration journey, honoring Neutra's authentic design and creating an aesthetic abode that respects the original style.

Restoring the Original Aesthetic

Murphy's restoration process adhered strictly to the original architectural plans. He rolled back the unfortunate modifications that had added over the years. The goal was to restore the house to its original state, complete with the vintage flair synonymous with mid-century homes. - Architectural symmetry was prioritised - Renowned decorator Cliff Fong was hired for the interior design - The color palette was strictly period-appropriate - Special attention was given to aspects like the sunken living room with the frameless glass wall, an iconic Neutra feature - Recreating the original kidney-shaped swimming pool #MidCenturyHomeRestoration #RyanMurphy #RichardNeutra #PreservingHeritage #DesignRestoration #LosAngelesArchitecture The house now stands as a tribute to the mid-century design style, perfectly restored to its original glory. It's a testament that, with passionate dedication, we can preserve the rich architectural heritage left by pioneers like Neutra. Through this restoration project, Murphy has given new life to an old structure, ensuring the beauty of its initial design enjoys a second life.

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