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Did You Know Cal Poly University Donated Free Library Furniture?

Did You Know Cal Poly University Donated Free Library Furniture?

Cal Poly Donates Library Furniture

Free Furniture up for Grabs

For those in the San Luis Obispo region, Cal Poly University stepped up in a big way by giving away furniture, completely free of charge. This surprising and generous gesture was related to Kennedy Library's renovation. Residents swamped the warehouse to take advantage of the give away.

Array of Available Items

Several people were pleasantly surprised at the range of items available. Individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses loaded up on the freeway with truckloads of desks, chairs, bookcases, and file cabinets. - Over a thousand desks were donated - Four hundred chairs were on offer - Multiple sturdy file cabinets - Several bookcases snatched up - A wide variety of other furniture also available

Enthusiastic Response

People remarked on the durability and quality of the furniture, and were thrilled to get it for free. Businesses, including a brand new Montessori, were particularly pleased to acquire items that they would have otherwise had to purchase.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of this event were twofold - while residents were thrilled with their new, quality furniture, this move also helps Cal Poly University save on the costs of disposal. #CalPoly #FreeFurniture #LibraryRenovation #SanLuisObispo #KennedyLibrary #Donation #CommunityBenefit #NonProfit #Businesses #Sustainable #Repurpose #Montessori #Education #Resourceful #SaveOnDisposal #FurnitureGratis

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