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Did You Know About the Award-Winning Onyx Black Collection from Victorinox?

Did You Know About the Award-Winning Onyx Black Collection from Victorinox?

Onyx Black Collection, A Red Dot Awardee

Victorinox, the renowned Swiss manufacturer, is gaining admiration with its Onyx Black Collection of pocket knives. This time, they've caught the eye of the Red Dot Award jury for Product Design in 2021.

Reimagined Elegance

Imagine a pocket knife that isn't just a tool, but a companion for any adventure. What sets the Onyx Black Collection apart is its transformative design and aesthetic. Each knife in the collection is entirely black, a true testament to their commitment to elegance and quality craftsmanship.

Emerging Technology in Design

Behind the all-black design is a revolutionary electro-chemical colouring process known as Polispectral. This technology ensures that not only the scales, but every single function within the knife boasts deep black colour.

An Acknowledgement by Red Dot Awards

The monochrome vision combined with the knife's multifunctionality garnered praise from the prestigious Red Dot jury, an endorsement that is well-deserved. The world of product design has taken note of this stunning collection.

  • Entirely black design
  • Polispectral electro-chemical colouring process
  • Combination of multifunctionality and elegance
  • Awarded in the Product Design category
  • Emerged from the house of Swiss manufacturer Victorinox
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