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Did Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship Help Shape the iPod's Award-Winning Design?

Did Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship Help Shape the iPod's Award-Winning Design?

The Remarkable Story of iPod's Polished Design

Brilliant design ideas often encounter hurdles, and the first iPod by Apple was no exception. Company co-founder Steve Jobs teamed up with the acclaimed designer, Jonathan Ive, in 2001 to create the first iPod. However, their vision of a high-gloss metallic back cover hit a snag. They hunted worldwide for a high-tech solution, but it remained elusive until they discovered an unexpected ally - the craftsmen of Tsubame-Sanjo, Japan.

A Traditional Solution to A Modern Problem

The challenge was to achieve the perfect mirrored metallic finish, which all high-tech workshops failed to deliver. The solution came from the traditional metalworkers in Japan’s Tsubame-Sanjo region. These craftsmen had the remarkable skill to polish the device's metal surface to Apple's exact specifications, making this region a crucial link in the iPod's eventual success.

A Design Honor: The Red Dot Award

The iPod's striking polished design eventually earned itself a Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious global recognition for high design quality. The iPod is now showcased as part of a special exhibition called “The KOUBA principle: The Fundamentals of Japanese Design in the Tsubame-Sanjo Region”. The exhibition runs from October 20th to January 21, 2024.

  • Journey to create iPod’s iconic design encountered unexpected challenges.
  • Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive's global search for perfect metal polishing.
  • Traditional craftsmanship of Tsubame-Sanjo became key in iPod's design.
  • iPod's glossy metallic back cover won Red Dot Design Award.
  • Special exhibition showcases the fundamentals of Japanese design.
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