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Did This Unique Martini Glass Deserve Its 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award?

Did This Unique Martini Glass Deserve Its 2023 Red Dot Product Design Award?

No.3 Martini Glass Scooped Red Dot Product Design Award 2023

Designed specifically for its namesake drink, the No.3 Martini Glass item raised the bar in innovative design. The masterpiece clinched the coveted Red Dot Award: Product Design in 2023. This recognition is indicative of the uniquely exceptional design that contributes towards an optimal drinking experience.

A Glass Devised for Perfection

This product keeps your drink at the right temperature for 50% more time compared to other similar products. The design considers each factor affecting a drink:

  • Thickness: A 12mm thick glass wall has been used to keep the martini cooler for a longer period.
  • Rim: The rim's thickness has been designed to perfection to provide the perfect sipping experience.
  • Stem: The glass's slender stem themes with its sturdy base, creating a visually captivating form. This design aids in managing the glass efficiently.
The combination of these elements has left the Red Dot award jury, one of the most respected design adjudicators, impressed beyond measure.

Witnessing Excellence in Glass Manufacturing

It's the Nude, Turkey based company to be credited for manufacturing the out-of-the-box martini glass. The in-house design team was brought together to create this masterpiece that has made a mark in the world of design.

Red Dot Awards - Recognising Design Excellence

Red Dot awards, a prestigious recognition that motivates the design industry to innovate products, brands and concepts to enhance user experience.

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